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Import data to Swit


Before importing Slack data to Swit

  1. Make sure that every username in Slack is unique to each member. Duplicate usernames could lead to the possibility of member data being mistakenly transferred to the wrong accounts.
  2. Slack's data availability varies based on the subscription plan. If you’re currently on a paid plan, it's advisable to export your data before switching to a free plan.
  3. Making changes to channels or user accounts during the data import process may result in the import process failing.


Only the workspace master and admins can import workspace data such as members, messages, and channels to the Swit workspace.

Import data from Slack

  1. First, export data from a Slack workspace.

    1. Download a copy of the workspace data following the guide provided by Slack.
    2. After downloading the file, sign in to the Swit organization where you wish to import the data.
    3. Upload the downloaded zip file to a reliable cloud service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box, and create a download link for the file.
  2. Upload the file to Swit.

    1. In the Swit desktop app, start by clicking on the workspace name located at the top left. Then, click on the "More" icon located on the right, and select Workspace Settings.
    2. Click Import data, and click on the Importbutton next to Slack.
    3. You can copy and paste the export file's direct download link in the field or upload the file from your computer directly.
    4. Once the upload is complete, click Next.


    Any alterations made to the export file prior to its upload might lead to complications during the data import process.

  3. Choose how to import the users from your Slack workspace. You can choose from the following three options:

    • Match users between Slack and Swit: All message data from Slack accounts are migrated to the corresponding Swit accounts. Note that only accounts with member privileges or higher are eligible for this, excluding guest accounts.

    • Do not import these users - just their messages & files: All message data from Slack will be migrated under inactive accounts with usernames that were used in Slack.

    • Do not import: The selected Slack member data will not be migrated to Swit.


    Choosing an option from the first dropdown menu will alter the settings for all users.

  4. Choose how to import the Slack channel data. You can choose from the following four options:

    • Import as public channels: Slack channels will be migrated as public channels in Swit.

    • Import as private channels: Slack channels will be migrated as private channels in Swit.

    • Merge channels to those in Swit: Slack channel data will be merged into an existing Swit channel.

    • Do not import channels : The selected Slack channel data will not be imported to Swit.


    Choosing an option from the first dropdown menu will alter the settings for all channels.

  5. Review all your import settings and proceed.

    • If you need to change the settings for the import data: Click Edit to go back to the user import options page. Once changes are finalized, click Next to make changes to the channel import options.
    • To proceed with data import: Tick the checkbox and click Import.
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