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Google integrations

What are the Google integrations?

The Google integrations connect your Google account, allowing you to use Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Gmail within Swit. These integrations let you manage Google Calendar schedules, attach Google Drive files, convert them into tasks, and view and share Gmail messages to channels or chats while working in Swit.

Install Google integrations

  1. Click the store icon (ic_store_filled_18.png) at the bottom right of the Swit app.
  2. In the All apps or Categories tab, find Google Calendar & Meet, Google Drive, or Gmail and click the Install button.
  3. Once installed, a Manage button will appear. Click this to view the app's overview, scopes, features, or manage the app settings.

Use Google integrations

The Swit Store apps for Google Calendar & Meet, Google Drive, and Gmail offer the following features:

Google Calendar & Meet

  • View Google Calendar events and create or join meetings directly within Swit.
  • Edit or delete events, share them to channels or chats, attach them to tasks, or convert them into new tasks.

Google Drive

  • Download or create shareable links for Drive files or folders.
  • Share files effortlessly by dragging and dropping them into channels.


  • View emails, share them to channels or chats, attach them to tasks, or convert them into tasks.
  • Click the Refresh icon (ic_refresh_line_18.png) to fetch new emails in real time.


Restrictions for attaching emails:

  • Size: Less than 25MB
  • Attachments: Up to 20
  • Threads: Up to 10
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