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Search in Swit

When you click on the search bar at the top of the screen, a search panel opens where you can search for keywords. Once you enter a keyword, all messages, ideas, tasks, and files within the workspace that contain the keyword will be filtered as search results. You can narrow down the search range by setting filters for the desired location and item. The search panel can also be enlarged or reduced, providing the necessary usability. When you click on a specific search result, you are directly taken to that page, and clicking on the search area again will bring you back to the search result screen.

Set search filters

In the search panel, click on ic_filterbtn_line_18.png to open the search filter modal. You can use search filters to set specific scopes for search. You can filter the search results by workspace, member, and location.

Enlarge or reduce the search window

Click on ic_expand_line_18.png to enlarge the search window, and click on ic_minimize_line_18.png in the enlarged window to reduce it back to its size.

Delete all filters

In the search filter modal, click on ic_refresh_line_18.png at the top right to delete all filters set.

Contact Support
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