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Microsoft integrations

What are the Microsoft integrations?

The Microsoft integrations connect your Microsoft account, allowing you to use Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, and OneDrive & SharePoint within Swit. These integrations let you manage emails, schedules, and files, attach them to tasks, or share them to channels or chats while working in Swit.

Install Microsoft integrations

  1. Click the store icon (ic_store_filled_18.png) at the bottom right of the Swit app.
  2. In the All apps or Categories tab, find Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, or OneDrive & SharePoint as needed and click the Install button.
  3. Once installed, a Manage button will appear. Click this to view the app's overview, scopes, features, or manage the app settings.


The Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams, and Swit for Outlook apps are not installable directly from the Store. Instead, you can link Swit with these services from their respective platforms. For detailed instructions, click View details in the Swit store for each app.

Microsoft accounts: connect, switch, and disconnect

After installation, open the app from the right panel and connect your Microsoft account. Once you're signed in, you have the following options by clicking the more icon (⋮) in the header:

  • About App: A brief introduction to the app is displayed, followed by the About and Manage app buttons, which will take you to the Overview and Manage pages of the Swit Store, respectively.
  • Switch Microsoft account: Click this to switch to another account.
  • Sign out & disconnect account: Click this to unlink your account. To reconnect later, you'll need to go through the same sign-in process. If you sign back in with the account you were previously signed in with, you will not need to go through any additional consent process.

Use Microsoft integrations

The Swit Store apps for Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, and OneDrive & SharePoint offer the following features:

Outlook Mail

  • View emails: Access your mailboxes through a dropdown menu. Once you select a mailbox, you can see the whole list of emails and read them in detail.
  • Share emails: Drag and drop emails to share them to channels or chat rooms.
  • Link to tasks: Attach emails to existing tasks or convert them into tasks.

Outlook Calendar

  • Select categories: Choose categories for calendar events like public holidays or birthdays using the dropdown menu.
  • View events: The monthly calendar shows dates with events marked by a green dot. Click events to see details, respond to invitations, or view shared events.
  • Create event: Click New event to open a modal for creating events. Fill in the event title, dates, times, and participants.
  • Immediate meeting: Click Meet now to create and share an immediate Teams meeting effortlessly.
  • Share events: Drag and drop events to channels or chats to share them.
  • Link to tasks: Connect events to ongoing tasks or convert them into new tasks.

OneDrive & SharePoint

  • View files: Find files from the tab of My files, SharePoint sites, or Shared with me.
  • Share files: Drag and drop files to channels to share them. You can also get a shareable link for files or folders.
  • Attach to tasks: Attach files to ongoing tasks.
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