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Swit roles and permissions

Swit roles

Roles in Swit vary in organizations, workspaces, channels, and projects. See below for roles by collaborating unit.

Organization roles

In Swit, the fundamental roles at the organizational level are the Master and Admin which are part of the administrators, and the Member which represents the remaining users.

Workspace roles

Even non-organization administrators can create and delete workspaces at any time. The user who creates the workspace is automatically designated as the Workspace master. They can invite other users and appoint them as Workspace admins. Additionally, workspace master privileges can also be delegated to an appointed admin.


Within a workspace's channels and projects, there exist channel-specific and project-specific administrators, known as hosts. A host can edit the channel name and description and can remove participating members from channels. The initial creator of a channel or project is automatically designated as the host. If a host leaves a channel or project they are part of, the host role is automatically assigned to the next member in the participation order. On the other hand, a host can transfer the host role to another member.


Regardless of the host privileges, the workspace's master and admin possess the authority to manage all channels and projects they are part of.


A guest is a user participating from outside the organization, such as suppliers, clients, freelancers, and external consultants. Guests have restricted access to proactive functionalities and features related to security.


The guest feature is a paid plug-in of Swit and is available after purchase.

Permission by role

In Swit, the roles differ depending on the organizational level, workspace level, channel & project level, and the guest level from the plug-in feature, with varying permissions for each role. Check out the table below for specific permissions for each role type.

Organization masterOrganization adminOrganization memberGuest
View participating organizationsOOOO
Add organizationsOOOO
Manage organization settingsOOXX
Invite admin to organizationOXXX
Invite member or guest to organizationOOXX
Transfer, assign, unassign guest roleOOXX
Activate or deactivate membership of members and guestsOOXX
Activate or deactivate membership of adminsOXXX
Add, edit, delete custom emojisOOXX
Add, edit, delete ChatbotsOOXX
Quick searchOOO
View my workspacesOOOO
Create workspacesOOX
Browse workspacesOOOX
View public workspaces and participateOOOX
View private workspaces and participateXXXX
Workspace masterWorkspace adminWorkspace member
Invite member to workspaceOO
Invite guest to workspaceOOO
Manage workspace settingsOO
Transfer master roleOXX
Manage adminsOXX
Unassign adminsOXX
Remove memberOOX
Remove adminOXX
Remove guestOOX
Import, export, view dataOOX
Create workspace groupsOOX
View workspace settingsOOX
Leave workspaceXOO
Delete workspaceOXX
Make workspace private, public, edit descriptionOOX
Create public/private channelsOO
View public channel list and participateOOO
View private channel list and participateXXX
Workspace masterWorkspace adminWorkspace memberChannel/project host
Add tabsOOOO
Connected appsOOOO
View membersOOOO
Add membersOOX
Remove membersOOXO
Leave channelOOOO

Transfer of roles in case of account deletion

When an account with master, admin, or host roles is removed from the organization or deleted, the roles are transferred as follows:

  • Organization master

    • When deleting the account only: They can transfer the master role to an organization admin and delete the account.
    • When deleting the organization: Once the organization deletion request is approved, the organization becomes inaccessible.
  • Workspace master

    • If there is an admin in the workspace: The master role is transferred to an admin in the order they were designated.
    • If there is no admin in the workspace: The master role is transferred to the earliest joining member of the workspace.
    • If the workspace master is the sole participant in the workspace: The workspace master role is transferred to the organization master.
  • Channel or project host

    • If there are other members participating in the channel or project: The host role is transferred in the order of participation in the channel or project.
    • If the host is the sole participant in the public channel or project: The host role is transferred to the earliest joining member.
    • If the host is the sole participant in the private channel or project: The channel or project is deleted.
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