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The app is an integration available in the Swit Store designed to seamlessly connect work-related conversations in Swit with tasks in You can create tasks, manage them effortlessly with user commands in the text editor or the right panel, receive notifications for important updates, and freely drag and drop tasks to share them in Swit channels anytime.

Install the app

  1. Open the Swit app.
  2. Click the Swit Store (ic_store_filled_18.png) icon at the bottom of the right sidebar.
  3. Find the app under All apps or Categories, and click Install.

Connect the app to a Swit channel

To connect the app to a channel, click Connected > Swit store apps > + Manage apps in the desired channel. Next, add the app from the list of installed apps in your organization.

Connect your account

After installing the app for the first time, open it in the right panel. Click Sign in to to select the account you want to sign in to. To switch to another account, click your account name at the top right of the modal, and Sign in to another account.

Sign out of your account

To sign out, open the app in the right panel, click (ic_morevertical_18--1--3-.png), then click Sign out. You can also sign out using the command /monday_signout in the text editor.

Use the app: right panel and user commands

Once your account is successfully connected, you can efficiently use the app in Swit. There are two ways to do this: through the right panel or user commands. The following sections explain in detail how to utilize the app in Swit using these two methods.


The app can only be used on's Boards and Docs.

Add items to a workspace

  1. Open the app in the right panel and click Add item to workspace or type /monday_add_item in the channel's text editor.
  2. Select the Workspace and Board where the item will belong.
  3. Enter the Title and optionally select Group or enter Details.
  4. Click Add, and the item will be created in immediately.

Add specific messages as Details via message app action

  1. Hover over the channel message to be added as detailed content for the item.
  2. Click (ic_morevertical_18--1--3-.png), then select App actions.
  3. Find and click Add item in the app.
  4. You'll see the message in Details. Fill in other areas and click Add.

Manage items

After searching for items in the right panel, here's how to manage each item using the four tabs that open when you click on an individual item:

  • Details: View the item's Title, Location, etc., and open on the web.
  • Updates: Update detailed information about the item.
  • Subitems: View the list of subitems belonging to the item. Clicking on a subitem opens it on
  • Files: View the list of files attached to the item. Clicking on a file downloads it immediately.

Share an item in a Swit channel

You can easily drag and drop an item from the right panel. Select the workspace, board, and channel in the Share to channel modal, and the item will be shared to the channel immediately. You can also use the command /monday_share_item to share items in Swit channels in the same way.

You can share items by copying their URL:

  1. Type /monday_share_link directly in the channel's text editor and press the Spacebar.
  2. Paste the copied item link and press Enter to open the Share to channel modal.
  3. Select the workspace and channel, then share. Shared items appear in the channel as components, and clicking Open in takes you to the item's page.


This feature is only available through user commands. As mentioned in step 2, you must directly input and execute the user command without selecting from a dropdown menu.

Set up notifications

Once you've integrated the app into the channel, you can set up notifications in the text editor. You can choose to receive notifications for events such as item creation, deletion, updates, or when tasks are marked as "Done." Active notifications are sent as bot-formatted messages in the channel.


  • Method 1: Click the add icon (ic_add_line_18-6-.png) in the text editor, select the monday app from the app category, then select Add app notification to add a notification.
  • Method 2: Type /monday_notification in the text editor and press Enter. You can then add notifications in the modal.

Manage notifications

You can change the status or delete created notifications:

  1. Type /monday_notification in the text editor of the channel where the app is installed and press Enter.
  2. Select the notification you want to edit or delete.
  3. You can activate or deactivate the notification status, and click the more options icon (ic_morevertical_18--1--3-.png) to delete the notification.
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